Felix Hatfield is an American songwriter & folk artist based in Portland, Oregon. His beginnings lie in a crooked shack in Vermont on US Route 2— a back road stretching from Maine to Washington state.

Growing weary of his mail-order CD collection of metal and punk classics, he serendipitously stumbled onto a stack of his uncle Peters leftover folk albums & cassettes. His new friends Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Ramblin’ Jack and Pete Seeger awakened young Felix to a profound simplicity of form in music. 

As luck would have it, Felix met Pete & Jack within weeks of each other while hitchhiking Route 2 to see them perform. He marveled at the sea of folk-lovers singing along and the power of community he felt among them. Back home, armed with his mother’s forgotten six-string, he began writing his own songs and stories. One day while searching for a lyric he chose a random book from the shelf, opened it and pointed blindly revealing the phrase, “Felix, it’s you!” He took it as a sign to court the unknown.

Upon graduation, a psychic woods-woman revealed to him he was a Oregon Outlaw in a past life. He soon skipped town (and the graduation ceremony) to trek westward on a Greyhound and make amends for his wicked deeds.

Now with more than a handful of  years in the Pacific NW under his belt or "on the mossy side" as he calls it, Felix has become an underground favorite on local stages and festivals (Mississippi Studios/Pickathon/Oregon Country Fair) as frontman for multiple projects including freak-folk groups, jug bands & a cardboard circus.

In 2015 his friends The Old Crow Medicine Show recorded Felix’s song The Warden for their album Remedy which went on to win the Grammy® Award for Best Folk Album.

With pockets full of collected clues from his Oregon outlaw days, Felix is currently touring a new solo project under his own namesake. Boundaries, his newest release, is a an homage to his early visions and folk heroes like Woody Guthrie, Gus Cannon and Uncle Dave Macon. .